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Questions To Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer Before Hiring Them

Personal injuries represent a grave matter. When hiring a personal injury lawyer, you want to ensure they’re the right fit for your case. Here we present some important questions to ask a personal injury lawyer before deciding whether to hire them:

1. What is your trial experience with personal injury cases?

The first thing you want to know about a lawyer is how often they’ve gone to court and tried their case in front of a jury. In a personal injury case, this can be the difference between getting what you deserve or dismissing your claim.

An experienced personal injury lawyer will have tried many cases before and know how to handle themselves before a jury. A great lawyer will have even more experience than that—they’ll have a great success rate by winning some cases!

2. How does your firm handle the paperwork involved in this type of case?

When dealing with a personal injury case, you need to be able to rely on your lawyer.

One of the most important questions to ask a personal injury lawyer is how they handle all the paperwork involved in personal injury cases. You want to trust that your lawyer will take care of everything necessary for you and keep you updated on all the steps along the way.

3. How much money can I expect to receive in a settlement?

When you talk with a personal injury lawyer about filing a lawsuit, they’ll ask you how much money you want to get in your settlement.

Some people have no idea how much their case might be worth and worry that they’ll never see any money. This question will help your lawyer determine what kind of settlement might be realistically attainable.

4. Do you have a contingency fee agreement in place? If so, what percentage of the settlement do I pay if there is no recovery?

One of the most pertinent questions to ask a personal injury lawyer is whether they have a contingency fee agreement. A contingency fee agreement means they receive a percentage of your settlement, ranging from 25% to 40%.

If unfamiliar with legal terminology, a contingency fee agreement is an agreement between you and your lawyer where they get paid if the court awards a recovery. If there isn’t a recovery, then they don’t get paid.

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