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Insurance Surveillance: Can Insurance Companies Spy on People in Ontario

Can insurance companies spy on people in Ontario? The answer is yes; insurance companies can spy on you.

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. If they don’t make enough money, they won’t be able to pay for health care or property damage if something bad happens to one of their customers with a legitimate claim.

So their job includes conducting surveillance and identifying potential fraudulent cases—which means keeping an eye on what their customers do throughout the day.

What Are The Reasons Insurance Companies Spy on People?

Why can insurance companies spy on people in Ontario?

For several reasons, insurance companies can decide to conduct surveillance and gather information on a policyholder. Some common reasons include the following:

Discredit Insurance Claims

Insurance companies will hire a private investigator to investigate a claim or an applicant’s background when they suspect fraud.

The investigator will look into the situation and gather witnesses’ facts, evidence, and statements. This can help them decide whether to pay a policyholder’s claim or reject it because of fraud.

Compel a Claimant to Drop a Claim

If you become involved in a car accident and sustain a personal injury and your insurance provider suspects that you may have been at fault, it may assign an investigator to look into your case.

Reduce the Compensation on an Exaggerated Claim

Can insurance companies spy on people in Ontario to reduce compensation? Yes, insurance companies can conduct surveillance to limit the payout for exaggerated claims.

The insurance company may use various surveillance methods, including interviewing your neighbours, video surveillance and social media monitoring, to determine the legitimacy of a claim. If they find that someone has exaggerated their claim, they will most likely deny payment, which can be devastating. 

Social media is a free resource available to insurance companies to investigate claimant’s activities. Insurance companies can easily search Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tik Tok accounts. Even if the account is private, the insurance company can still gain access to social media accounts through the litigation process. 

The insurance company may also spy on you if you have made multiple claims for similar losses over a short period. This indicates that you are trying to make money from your insurance policy by filing fraudulent claims.

Do You Know What To Do? Call Chorney Sidhu Injury

Insurance companies have become well known for their tactics in claims. They can and do use surveillance, phone records, and even GPS tracking to determine what you do and where you go.

If you have received a letter from an insurance company asking for information about you or a claim or an insurance company has already started investigating your claim, You Know What To Do, call Chorney Sidhu at (844-HURT-GTA) (844) 487-8482, a personal injury lawyer in Brampton. We’ll help protect your rights and work to get the financial compensation you deserve.