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Qualified Brampton hit-and-run lawyers can give you a voice, helping you navigate the court system and seek a fair trial. Those who experience an injury due to a hit and run may be able to receive compensation through legal action. At Chorney Sidhu Injury Lawyers, you also gain access to a team with over 20 years of combined experience in personal injury law.

Accidents are painful, challenging to live through, and potentially fatal. If a hit and run affects you or a loved one, reaching out for legal counsel provides support and clear direction. It can be challenging as rehabilitation and medical expenses pile up, but the right help could streamline the process for you and offer you peace of mind.

Our team of personal injury lawyers consider it a privilege to represent your right to justice. Get in touch to see how we could help you both inside and outside of the courtroom as you focus on recovery.

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What To Do After Involvement in a Hit and Run?

The first step is to call the police. Ensuring your safety and the safety of others is your number one priority. You should also gather as much information immediately after the accident as you can, including the following:

  • Licence plate numbers
  • Witness contact information
  • The make, model, and colour of the cars involved
  • Security Footage (CCTV)
  • Dashcam footage
  • Any other relevant information to demonstrate what happened and the timeline

We recommend that you immediately see a medical professional for a thorough checkup and retain all the paperwork from these visits. Medical attention is critical regardless of how you feel or what injuries you see. For example, you may sustain a brain injury where symptoms manifest days or weeks after the incident.

Contact one of our personal injury lawyers to find out whether you might have a case.

Do People in Ontario Have to Stop After a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Yes. All drivers are legally obligated to stop when involved in a car accident in Ontario. Refusing to stop is breaking the law and may leave you liable for serious charges.

What should the person do after they stop the vehicle?

  • Attend to anyone with accident-related injuries immediately (including yourself, anyone in your vehicle, and the other parties)
  • Give your name, insurance information, and address to the officials and parties involved
  • Assist in any way possible
  • Do not leave until the officials confirm you can go

If you are a victim, contact the police immediately.

Police Reports

The police report is the starting point of your evidence. Be as transparent as possible when speaking to the officers so that justice can prevail. Understandably, the ability to be clear about the details will depend on your state after the accident, passengers or witnesses may be willing to provide their observations.

Tips for correctly handling police statements include the following:

  • Always speak the truth.
  • Talk to an official as soon as possible while the details are fresh in your mind.

Accident Reconstruction Expert

The court will also consider an accident reconstruction expert’s testimony about the available evidence. They work toward understanding what went wrong. Our Brampton hit-and-run lawyers can help you find reliable services for accident reconstruction that will spell out the truth as we build the case.

Witness Reports

Another primary consideration is the witnesses at the scene of the accident. These statements could improve your chances, as anyone on the road at the time of the accident may have seen something or be able to confirm the facts. If someone disobeyed a traffic law or willingly put themselves and you in danger, having impartial witnesses testify will bolster the case.

If the other party refuses to stop, you may still receive compensation from an insurance company. Our law firm’s personal injury lawyer and car accident lawyers will be able to help you understand your rights and how to proceed.

Common Hit-and-Run Accident Injuries:

Injuries occurring during a car accident vary widely. Some potential injuries from a hit-and-run include the following possibilities:

  • Paralysis
  • Brain injuries
  • Broken or lost limbs
  • Internal ruptures
  • Bleeding
  • Organ damage
  • Spinal injuries
  • Concussions
  • Lacerations, cuts, bruises, and more
  • Chronic Pain Disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
hit and run law firm brampton

Offer help in any way you can, but remember that moving an injured person is unsafe without a medical professional’s approval. Calling for help is the most important step. After that, you can create a more comfortable environment for an injured person.

Chorney Sidhu Injury Lawyers has seen countless situations where clients have underestimated the injuries related to car accidents. An accident requires a complete checkup and approval from a doctor to return home, even if it only seems like something minor. Injuries might be delayed or challenging to find, and people cannot be confident of their health and safety without a qualified doctor’s confirmation.

Injuries usually happen with three main types of hit-and-runs. The process is similar to each, but the reasons why they happen and the damage’s severity depends on the accident’s details. Understanding the risks associated with each type below could help you protect yourself and your loved ones.

Car-on-Car Accidents

One car colliding with another puts everyone at risk. It happens for many reasons, including the following:

  • Reckless driving
  • Misuse of alcohol or drugs
  • Lack of sleep
  • Hazardous road conditions
  • Texting while driving and more

Was a specific person at fault? Was it unavoidable? Offer all the information you have, and a court will decide on a ruling based on the evidence.

Pedestrian-and-Car Accidents

Pedestrian-and-car accidents are severe and usually result in fatalities or extensive physical damage. If a car hits you and leaves, contact the police and our Brampton hit-and-run lawyers. It is illegal to leave the scene of the accident, but many do anyway.

Was it difficult to see the license plate numbers? Try to remember as much information about the driver and car as possible so that the police can find the suspect responsible. You should also leave all traces of evidence untouched so that the professionals can work with the crime scene.

Car-and-Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcyclists ride cautiously, but there is always the risk of danger. The Center for Accident Research and Road Safety reports that motorcycle accidents are almost 30 times more likely to end in a fatality. Hit-and-runs involving motorcycle accidents are exceptionally dangerous because motorcyclists have far less protection than persons in larger vehicles.

A motorcyclist may be able to receive compensation if hit by a neglectful driver. Why not find out more from Chorney Sidhu Injury Lawyers in Ontario?

Seeking Compensation After Hit-and-Runs or Motorcycle Accidents:

At Chorney Sidhu Injury Lawyers, we understand that accidents will often mean navigating a physical, emotional, and financial recovery. Our law firm wants to support you in this process, including working with you toward your goals and helping you with the copious amounts of paperwork in filing a claim.

When we agree to represent you in court, we do so to help you focus on your recovery. Depending on your case, you may be able to request compensation for any or all of the following factors:

  • Compromised quality of life
  • Lost wages as you take time off during the healing process
  • Pain and suffering
  • The inability to care for your family while recovering

The aftermath of an accident is a confusing and stressful time in anyone’s life. However, you have options to mitigate these issues. If a hit-and-run affects your life, we can work with you toward normalcy.

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FAQs About Hit-and-Run Lawyers in Brampton, ON

Hit-and-run cases take years to complete. If we take on your case, we will see it through to the end. We’ll do everything we can to ensure your rights to a fair trial.

Yes. The court takes personal injury cases seriously, and legal counsel gives you a voice. Regardless of the situation, having the help of an experienced law firm on your side will benefit you in the case of a hit-and-run accident.

Everyone involved must remain at the crime scene, regardless of who is at fault. Once the police finish their investigation, they will let you know. Compliance with the law gives you the best chance of defending yourself.

We work with a contingency model — we don’t get paid unless you do. Our payment model alleviates some of your worries and allows you to focus on yourself and your family. Be sure to ask us for details at your initial consultation in Brampton, ON.

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How Can Our Brampton Hit And Run Lawyer Help?

At Chorney Sidhu Injury Lawyers, our team can assist you with any personal injury lawsuit. However, the only way to know whether a lawyer is a good fit for your case is to meet them in person. Schedule an appointment with us so that we can review the facts and decide together on a suitable course of action.

Personal injury law is challenging to navigate, so trust between yourself and a lawyer like ours is imperative. We are here to support you in seeking a fair trial with a range of services to help you however we can. What can you expect from our competent legal professionals in Brampton?

  • We work toward your best interests
  • We work quickly to ensure you receive the help you need right away
  • We discuss every detail to ensure you know what’s happening throughout your case
  • We aim to mitigate the stress you and your family may feel during a lawsuit as emotions rise by drawing up a clear plan
  • We typically only receive a percentage of your total payout on a contingency basis

Our law firm offers help in many languages to ensure we speak the truth. We pride ourselves on our diversity and that of our city, doing everything in our power to maintain it. No matter where you are from, you have the right to a fair trial.

Whatever your needs, we are here to help you find justice after suffering from the pain of an accident or injury. Some other personal injury lawsuits we help our Brampton clients with are as follows:

  • Slip and fall cases
  • Wrongful death
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Critical Illness
  • Long-term disability and more

Have you or a loved one experienced the trauma of an accident or related injury?
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