Distracted Driving Laws

New Distracted Driving Laws in Ontario, 2022

Quickly looking down while driving to answer a text message or fiddle with your GPS may seem harmless. But did you know that 75-80% of all driving accidents involve a distracted driver? Deaths caused by distracted drivers have doubled in Ontario since 2000.

Emerging technologies such as smartphones and GPS systems pose serious safety concerns for new and experienced drivers. In a 2021 study, Canadians agreed that texting while driving remains the number one threat to their well-being while driving. 

Help keep the beautiful roads of Ontario safe by learning more about Ontario’s new distracted driving laws in 2022. Phone calls, text messages, and voicemails can wait until you arrive home and safely park your vehicle. Read on to learn more about distracted driving collisions and the consequences of driving while distracted. 

What is Considered Distracted Driving in Ontario? 

Distracted driving involves a lack of focus on operating an automobile and your surrounding environment. Distraction by electronic devices while driving accounts for a large percentage of accidents. Other causes of distracted driving include: 

  • Tending to pets 
  • Applying makeup 
  • Changing music or radio stations
  • Eating and drinking 
  • Smoking 

A full 80% of Canadians have admitted to distracted driving, a stunning statistic illustrating the overwhelming temptation to use handheld devices while driving. Ontario law permits using hands-free electronic communication, GPS systems, and audio control. 

Instead of responding to the temptation to answer text messages or check emails while in your car, consider answering all electronic communications before leaving home.

The Consequences of Distracted Driving 

People convicted of distracted driving face fines, demerits, and potential jail time. Novice drivers found guilty of distracted driving face even steeper fines and extended licence suspensions.

Consult the list below for more information about distracted driving laws and penalties in Ontario: 

First Conviction 

  • $615-$1000 fine 
  • 3 Demerit Points 
  • 3-Day Licence Suspension 

Second Conviction 

  • $615-$2000 fine
  • 6 Demerit Points 
  • 7-Day Licence Suspension 

Third Conviction 

  • $615-$3000 fine 
  • 6 Demerit Points
  • 30-Day Licence Suspension 

New distracted driving laws in Ontario in 2022 strive to decrease car accidents related to distracted driving. Currently, 1.6 million car crashes occur in Canada due to cell phone use. Stricter enforcement of texting and driving fines in Ontario may deter drivers from reaching for their cell phones while operating vehicles. 

The Highway Traffic Act and the Criminal Code of Canada outline Ontario’s definitions and penalties for distracted driving. Before hitting the road this winter, explore the Canadian Automobile Association website for more information about keeping our beautiful roads accident-free.

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