Driving Under The Influence

What is Impaired Driving or Driving Under the Influence (DUI)?

Impaired driving, also called driving under the influence or DUI, refers to the operation of a vehicle while the driver’s ability to do so has been impaired or compromised by alcohol, prescription drugs, or non-prescription drugs. Types of vehicles where DUI charges can apply include not only cars and trucks but also motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats and ATVs.

What is a Drunk Driving or DUI Injury?

Driving under the influence (DUI) accidents can have devastating consequences, leaving victims with severe physical and psychological injuries. The families of the injured victims can also suffer devastating emotional trauma.

You need a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer in Brampton

DUI accidents are a stark reminder of the dangers of impaired driving. When you or a loved one becomes a victim of such an incident, the physical and emotional toll can be overwhelming for everyone involved. If you have been injured or are a family member of someone who has been injured by an impaired driver, you need an experienced lawyer to help you seek justice and fair compensation. Our DUI injury lawyers in Brampton are here to guide you through this. Our team of lawyers has nearly 40 years of combined legal experience. Contact us at (844) 487-8482 today to arrange a consultation with our dedicated personal injury lawyers in Brampton, ready to advocate for you and your family.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Seeking

Justice for DUI Accident Victims and their families

At Chorney Sidhu Injury Lawyers, we are not only dedicated to helping victims and their families who have suffered the horrors of impaired driving, but we are also proud supportersof our local Mothers Against Drunk Driving MADD chapters in York and Peel Regions. MADD Brampton and York Region are volunteer-based. Non-profit organizations exist to stop impaired driving and support victims of violent crimes.

Types of DUI Accidents

DUI accidents can manifest in various forms, each with its challenges and consequences. Understanding the different types of DUI accidents can help you navigate your legal journey more effectively.

1. Drunk Driving Collisions

Collision with Another Vehicle: One of the most common scenarios is when an impaired driver collides with another vehicle, resulting in significant harm to innocent parties. These collisions can vary in severity but often lead to serious injuries and property damage.

Single-Vehicle Crashes: In some cases, drunk drivers may lose control of their vehicles and crash into objects such as guardrails, trees, or utility poles. These accidents can also result in injuries to the driver and any passengers.

2. Pedestrian and Cyclist Incidents

Injuring Pedestrians: DUI accidents frequently involve pedestrians who impaired drivers hit. Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable; such accidents often lead to severe injuries or even fatalities.

Cyclist Collisions: Bicyclists, sharing the road with motor vehicles, are also at risk of being involved in DUI accidents. These collisions can cause life-altering injuries to cyclists.

Boating Accidents: DUIs on watercraft lead to collisions or capsizing, risking injuries or drowning for passengers and other boaters.

ATV Accidents: ATVs result in reckless driving, causing rollovers or collisions and severe injuries or fatalities to riders.

Snowmobile Accidents: Snowmobile accidents lead to collisions or loss of control, risking severe injuries or fatalities on icy terrain.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Brampton

In the bustling city of Brampton, where pedestrians and vehicles share the roads, accidents can happen unexpectedly, leaving individuals vulnerable and needing legal assistance. Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Brampton is a guiding light for those who have experienced the unfortunate event of a pedestrian accident. To shed light on the critical importance of legal representation and the dedicated services provided by pedestrian accident lawyers, this resource is designed to empower individuals with knowledge about their rights and potential courses of action.

Pedestrian accidents can have life-altering consequences, often resulting in severe injuries, medical bills, and emotional trauma. In such challenging times, seeking legal representation becomes paramount. Navigating the complexities of legal proceedings, insurance claims, and negotiations with at-fault parties can be overwhelming for accident victims. This is where pedestrian accident lawyers step in. These legal professionals specialize in advocating for pedestrians’ rights in accidents caused by the negligence or recklessness of others. By understanding local laws and regulations specific to Brampton, they provide personalized guidance to ensure victims receive the compensation they deserve.

Pedestrian accident lawyers in Brampton are well-versed in the intricacies of personal injury law, particularly concerning accidents involving pedestrians. They offer a compassionate and comprehensive approach, evaluating the unique circumstances of each case and tailoring their strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes. From gathering evidence and assessing medical records to negotiating with insurance companies and, if necessary, litigating in court, these lawyers serve as dedicated allies for their clients. Navigating Your Rights: Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Brampton serve as a valuable resource for those seeking justice, offering insights into the process and highlighting the significance of seeking professional legal guidance in the aftermath of a pedestrian accident. Understanding Pedestrian Accidents.

Pedestrian accidents are a concerning and prevalent issue that significantly threatens public safety. These incidents involve collisions between vehicles and individuals walking or crossing the road on foot. Understanding the dynamics of pedestrian accidents is crucial for improving road safety measures and reducing the frequency of these tragic events. This introduction will delve into the causes and typical scenarios of pedestrian accidents and their implications and long-term effects on individuals and society.

Causes and Common Scenarios of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can occur due to a variety of factors, with both drivers and pedestrians playing crucial roles in the outcomes. Distracted driving, impaired driving, speeding, and failure to yield to the right-of-way are among the primary causes of collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. In scenarios involving distracted driving, such as texting or using a phone, drivers are more likely to miss critical visual cues like pedestrian crosswalks or individuals attempting to cross the road. Additionally, poor weather conditions, inadequate lighting, and unclear signage can reduce visibility and increase the heightened risk for pedestrians.

Common scenarios of pedestrian accidents often involve intersections, crosswalks, and areas with high foot traffic. Intersections can be particularly hazardous due to the convergence of vehicles and pedestrians moving in different directions, increasing the likelihood of collisions. Crosswalks, intended to provide pedestrians with a safe pathway, can become dangerous if drivers fail to stop or yield to those crossing. Moreover, jaywalking – when pedestrians cross outside designated areas – can also contribute to accidents, as it catches drivers off guard and creates unexpected hazards.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers in Brampton: Seeking Justice and Support

Welcome to Chorney Sidhu Injury Lawyers, your trusted partners in seeking justice and support for spinal cord injury cases in Brampton. We understand the life-altering impact of spinal cord injuries and are committed to helping you navigate the legal complexities that come with them. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the essential aspects of spinal cord injury cases, the role of experienced lawyers, and how Chorney Sidhu Injury Lawyers can be your advocate in Brampton.

Understanding Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury (SCI) occurs when there is damage to the spinal cord, resulting in a loss of function, sensation, or mobility. These injuries can be categorized as complete or incomplete, depending on the extent of damage. Spinal cord injuries often lead to paralysis, loss of bowel and bladder control, and various other physical and sensory impairments. Such injuries can have profound consequences for the individuals affected, impacting their quality of life in ways that are difficult to comprehend.

These injuries can result from various accidents and incidents, such as motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, sports-related injuries, acts of violence, and even medical malpractice. The cause of the injury is a critical factor in pursuing a legal case because it helps determine liability and the responsible parties.

Why Choose Chorney Sidhu Injury Lawyers?

At Chorney Sidhu Injury Lawyers, we are committed to representing victims of spinal cord injuries in Brampton. Our dedication to these cases stems from a profound understanding of the unique challenges they present and their immense impact on the lives of individuals and their families.

Our team of spinal cord injury lawyers has a proven track record of securing favourable outcomes for our clients. We have successfully handled a wide range of cases, ensuring that our clients receive the compensation they deserve. Beyond our legal expertise, our client-centric approach sets us apart. We prioritize our clients’ well-being throughout the legal process, providing compassionate support while aggressively advocating for their rights.

  • Unexplained injuries like bruises, cuts or broken bones. If your loved one can’t explain the cause of an injury themselves, it could indicate abuse or neglect.

  • Poor hygiene like unchanged diapers, unbathed patients or unbrushed teeth. Lack of basic care and cleanliness is unacceptable.

  • Dehydration or malnutrition. Make sure your loved one seems properly fed and watered, and not losing unhealthy amounts of weight.

  • Lack of stimulation or interaction. Look for signs your loved one is engaged and socializing. Isolation and lack of activities can lead to decline.

  • Staffing issues like high turnover rates or lack of properly trained employees. Both of these scenarios increase the likelihood of mistakes, missed care and negligence.

  • Failure to properly dispense medications. Double-check that all prescriptions are given as directed to avoid life-threatening errors or overdoses.

Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers in Brampton

Have your cherished family members experienced mistreatment while residing in a nursing home? As families, we rely on these institutions to offer compassionate care for our aging parents and grandparents, especially during their most vulnerable stages of life. Regrettably, negligence and abuse in nursing homes are all too prevalent. Taking proactive measures is crucial if you sense any concerns regarding the care or conditions your loved one is experiencing. Ignoring these warning signs could jeopardize their well-being, safety, and dignity.

Types of Nursing Home Negligence

Some of the most common types of nursing home negligence cases include

Failure to prevent pressure ulcers or bedsores:

Nursing homes have a duty to reposition immobile residents and provide proper padding regularly. Neglecting this can lead to painful, dangerous wounds.

Malnutrition and dehydration:

Not providing residents with enough food, water or assistance in eating and drinking is unacceptable. Weight loss and decreased mobility or cognition can result.

Medication errors:

Giving the wrong medication or dosage or failing to give medication as prescribed can seriously harm a resident.


Lack of supervision, improper use of restraints or mobility aids and an unclean environment contribute to falls, which often cause devastating injuries in the elderly.

Abuse or assault:

All types of abuse, including physical, emotional, and sexual, are criminal offences that must be reported immediately.

Warning Signs of Negligence in Nursing Homes

If you have a loved one in a nursing home, watch out for signs that they may be receiving negligent care. Some warnings to look out for include

  • Unexplained injuries like bruises, cuts or broken bones. If your loved one can’t explain the cause of an injury themselves, it could indicate abuse or neglect.

  • Poor hygiene like unchanged diapers, unbathed patients or unbrushed teeth. Lack of basic care and cleanliness is unacceptable.

  • Dehydration or malnutrition. Make sure your loved one seems properly fed and watered, and not losing unhealthy amounts of weight.

  • Lack of stimulation or interaction. Look for signs your loved one is engaged and socializing. Isolation and lack of activities can lead to decline.

  • Staffing issues like high turnover rates or lack of properly trained employees. Both of these scenarios increase the likelihood of mistakes, missed care and negligence.

  • Failure to properly dispense medications. Double-check that all prescriptions are given as directed to avoid life-threatening errors or overdoses.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Brampton

Navigating the open road on a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience, embodying a unique sense of freedom. However, the unfortunate reality is that motorcycles often escape the notice of other motorists, contributing to their disproportionate involvement in accidents. In Canada, motorcyclists account for a startling 10.6% of all traffic fatalities and 12.2% of those enduring severe personal injuries in accidents. With motorcycles offering limited protection compared to larger vehicles, the consequences of such incidents are frequently life-altering.

In the event of a motorcycle accident causing injury or, tragically, a fatality, swift action is imperative. This is where Chorney Sidhu Injury Lawyers, your motorcycle accident lawyers in Brampton, come to your aid. Armed with nearly 40 years of combined experience in personal injury and motorcycle accident law, we extend our unwavering support to victims in Brampton and beyond, securing equitable compensation for their recovery and lost income.

Accidents are unpredictable, and their aftermath can be daunting. That is why we offer complimentary consultations and operate on a no-win, no-fee basis, ensuring that your well-being remains paramount. Reach out to us at (844) 487-8482 or connect with us to schedule your personal injury legal services consultation today.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Misconceptions surrounding motorcycle accidents often wrongly blame motorcyclists for recklessness. The legal guidance provided by experienced motorcycle accident lawyers proves invaluable in enabling injured riders to pursue compensation and justice when accidents occur due to the negligence of others. Here are some common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence stands as one of the most perilous road hazards. Impaired drivers exhibit compromised judgement and coordination, significantly increasing the likelihood of accidents that can result in grave harm to motorcyclists. Learn More


Excessive speed can amplify the gravity of a collision. Motorists exceeding speed limits or travelling too fast for prevailing road conditions may find inadequate reaction time to a motorcyclist’s presence or even lose control of their vehicles, precipitating accidents.


Negligent actions by other drivers, including disregarding red lights, failing to yield the right of way, or inadequately acknowledging motorcyclists, can culminate in accidents. These lapses in judgment can carry severe repercussions for motorcyclists.

Driver Error

The inevitability of human error looms large on our roads. Even minor mistakes by other drivers can have devastating consequences for motorcyclists. Overlooking blind spots, abrupt lane changes, and distracted driving exemplify driver errors that can lead to accidents.

Failing to Yield

Traffic signals and road signs dictate the timing of stops, advances, and yielding. When drivers flout these regulations, they endanger everyone, particularly motorcyclists, who may be less conspicuous on the road.

Reckless Driving

Aggressive or reckless driving behaviours such as tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic, and road rage sow the seeds of peril for motorcyclists. These actions can precipitate accidents that inflict severe injuries.

Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Lawyers in Brampton

Slipping and falling is not an uncommon way to injure ourselves. Many of us have lost our footing on icy ground or failed to see a wet patch on a bathroom floor. Yet, the statistics for these accidents are surprising. The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) claims that there are 653,808 visits to emergency departments per year because of unintentional fall injuries. Every day, hundreds of people deal with the consequences of their mistake or someone else’s negligence.

It is this issue of negligence that is the bigger problem. Too many business and property owners get away with causing these accidents due to their negligence. With the right slip-and-fall lawyers in Brampton, you can hold those responsible for your accident and claim compensation for your injuries. With the right professional on your side, you can get the outcome you deserve.

What to Do if You Are Hurt in a Slip and Fall Accident?

The priority for anyone who experiences an accident like this is to immediately seek medical help. Ideally, this will happen from the site of the accident, as property owners call for assistance and give you the best care possible. Get checked out, even if the injuries do not seem that bad on first impression. There could be serious damage hidden under the adrenaline.

From there, it helps to gather as much evidence as possible from the accident scene. The sooner you can do this, the better, as the property owners may try and cover up areas of negligence out of fear of a lawsuit. Then, you can contact Chorney Sidhu slip and fall injury lawyers in Brampton with your case and let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slipping and falling on public or private property can happen due to several factors. Generally, these issues stem from a lack of maintenance and caretaking on the property. Even when the root of the problem is environmental, property owners are responsible for removing or blocking any hazards that could lead to an accident. Common issues include the following.

  • Issues with the flooring, such as slippery materials, torn carpeting, or loose boards.

  • Poor lighting, especially in areas like stairwells.

  • Loose or slippery rails and bannisters on staircases.

  • Trip hazards on the floor, such as boxes of merchandise, cleaning equipment, cables, or other items in the way.

  • Water on surfaces due to mopping or leaks.

  • Uncleared snow or ice around the entrance to the building on private grounds.

Common Injuries from Slip and Fall Accidents

Injuries from slip and fall accidents vary in their complexity and severity. Some people will get lucky and end up with minor bruising, while others could experience trauma that causes them to miss work and/or need surgery. These issues include the following.

  • Soft tissue injuries such as bruising, muscle strains, tears, and tendon issues.

  • Skeletal injuries such as fractures, broken bones, and dislocations.

  • Back issues, either muscular or spinal, that affect mobility.

  • Chronic pain and other long-term physical conditions that stem from the original injury

  • Mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders.

Of course, there are cases where these slip-and-fall incidents are even more tragic. Freak accidents involving staircase falls, head injuries, or blunt trauma could be fatal. Disabled and elderly visitors also have a higher chance of serious injury and long-term complications.

Wrongful Dismissal

Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer Brampton

Welcome to Chorney Sidhu Injury Lawyer, a trusted and compassionate law firm dedicated to providing exceptional legal support for wrongful dismissal cases in Brampton. We understand the challenges that arise when unfairly terminated from your job, and we are here to offer you expert guidance and representation to ensure your rights are upheld and justice is served.

What is Wrongful Dismissal?

Wrongful dismissal refers to the termination of an employee’s employment contract by their employer without proper justification or adherence to legal regulations. It occurs when an employer terminates an employee in breach of their employment agreement, labor laws, or human rights statutes. Wrongful dismissal can have severe consequences for individuals, including financial strain and emotional distress.

What Constitutes Wrongful Dismissal?

Several factors contribute to wrongful dismissal cases. They include:

  • Breach of Contract: If your employment contract is terminated without the employer adhering to its terms, it may be considered wrongful dismissal. This breach can pertain to a notice period, compensation, or other contractual obligations.

  • Discrimination and Harassment: If you were terminated due to discriminatory reasons, such as your age, gender, race, religion, or disability, it constitutes wrongful dismissal. The law prohibits such discrimination in employment decisions.

  • Retaliation: If you were fired in retaliation for asserting your legal rights or exposing illegal activities within the company, your dismissal could be wrongful. Protection against retaliation is a fundamental employee right.

  • Unjust Cause: Dismissal without valid cause or without following due process can be deemed wrongful. Employers must provide legitimate reasons for termination, such as poor performance or misconduct, and follow appropriate procedures.

Eligibility for Wrongful Dismissal in Ontario

In Ontario, Canada, employees who have been terminated without cause or who have been constructively dismissed may be eligible to file a wrongful dismissal claim.

However, there are some exceptions, such as employees who are terminated for cause or who have been employed for less than a certain period of time.

To be eligible to file a wrongful dismissal claim in Ontario, an employee must meet the following criteria:

  • They must have been employed in Ontario for at least three months.

  • They must have been terminated without cause or constructively dismissed.

  • They must not have been terminated for cause.

  • They must not have been terminated in violation of their employment contract.

Short Term Disability

Short-Term Disability Lawyers Brampton

When unexpected events occur, resulting in your inability to carry out your work responsibilities due to injuries or illnesses, the significance of short-term disability (STD) benefits becomes evident. These benefits play a crucial role in serving as a valuable form of insurance coverage, offering essential financial compensation or income replacement during such periods.

In the province of Ontario, individuals can rely on these benefits, which typically provide support for a duration of up to six months. However, it is important to note that the exact length of coverage is subject to the particular disability plan that you or your employer has in place. Note that different organizations may have varying provisions in this regard. This emphasizes the necessity of familiarizing yourself with the details of your specific disability plan to ascertain the precise parameters of your coverage. By doing so, you can gain a better understanding of the various benefits available to you and the corresponding time frame during which you may be eligible to receive them.

Navigating Short-Term Disability Claims Process

To get accurate and detailed information regarding your disability plan, it is advisable to engage the human resources personnel within your organization. They will provide you with the necessary details, including any policies that pertain to sick leave or vacation time. By consulting them, you will gain valuable insights into the intricacies of your coverage and any additional support systems that may be accessible to you in times of need.

In case short-term disability coverage is absent either from your personal or employer’s insurance plans, there is still a possibility of obtaining financial assistance through alternative means. Specifically, you may be eligible to receive Employment Insurance (EI) sickness benefits. This benefits may serve as a viable option if you do not possess short-term disability coverage.

However, if you have access to short-term disability benefits, it is important to promptly commence the process of claiming the benefit. This is because most contractual agreements have a specified timeframe within which individuals must establish eligibility for benefits. The submission is a package usually comprised of three forms, which we will outline in the subsequent sections, providing a clear path toward obtaining the necessary support.

1. The Plan Sponsor’s Statement

The Plan Sponsor’s Statement plays a pivotal role in the claims process and requires your employer’s active involvement. This statement serves as a comprehensive document that encompasses vital administrative details regarding your benefits plan and coverage. Once completed by your employer, the statement is transmitted via fax to the designated insurance company responsible for providing coverage. It serves as a crucial source of information, offering insights into the historical aspects of your employment, including tenure, salary history, and any previously claimed benefit policies such as vacation pay, sick pay, or workers’ compensation.

Hit and Run

Hit And Run Lawyer Brampton

Qualified Brampton hit-and-run lawyers can give you a voice, helping you navigate the court system and seek a fair trial. Those who experience an injury due to a hit and run may be able to receive compensation through legal action. At Chorney Sidhu Injury Lawyers, you also gain access to a team with over 20 years of combined experience in personal injury law.

Accidents are painful, challenging to live through, and potentially fatal. If a hit and run affects you or a loved one, reaching out for legal counsel provides support and clear direction. It can be challenging as rehabilitation and medical expenses pile up, but the right help could streamline the process for you and offer you peace of mind.

Our team of personal injury lawyers consider it a privilege to represent your right to justice. Get in touch to see how we could help you both inside and outside of the courtroom as you focus on recovery.

hit and run lawyer brampton

What To Do After Involvement in a Hit and Run?

The first step is to call the police. Ensuring your safety and the safety of others is your number one priority. You should also gather as much information immediately after the accident as you can, including the following:

  • Licence plate numbers
  • Witness contact information
  • The make, model, and colour of the cars involved
  • Security Footage (CCTV)
  • Dashcam footage
  • Any other relevant information to demonstrate what happened and the timeline

We recommend that you immediately see a medical professional for a thorough checkup and retain all the paperwork from these visits. Medical attention is critical regardless of how you feel or what injuries you see. For example, you may sustain a brain injury where symptoms manifest days or weeks after the incident.

Contact one of our personal injury lawyers to find out whether you might have a case.

Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Brampton

Are you searching for Brampton catastrophic injury lawyers who can guide you through the often daunting process of filing disability claims? Get in touch with Chorney Sidhu Injury Lawyers today at (844)487-8482.

We understand how life-altering a catastrophic injury can be and dedicate our services to providing you with the representation you deserve.

What is Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury is a term that refers to the most severe forms of personal injury cases. While these injuries can occur from various activities, they are often a result of violent motor vehicle accidents and usually lead to extreme physical injuries, such as brain or spinal cord injuries.

Due to their condition’s severity, catastrophic injury victims can seek additional benefits to cater to their ongoing care. Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) is the additional compensation you can receive when your injuries result from the operation or use of an automobile.

Similar to catastrophic injury, catastrophic impairment covers exceptional cases of long-term disability and helps ensure the insurance policy adequately covers the victims.

The SABS outlines several criteria that help determine if an injured individual falls into the category of catastrophically impaired. Some of these criteria include:

  • Paraplegia
  • Amputation of your arm or leg
  • Severe impairment that limits the use or mobility of your arm or leg
  • Complete loss of vision
  • Psychological, behavioural or mental impairment
  • Severe upper or lower disability
  • Traumatic brain injury
catastrophic injury lawyer in brampton